• LCC Triple Challenge Entries close this Friday 14th Sept at Midnight.
  • LCCISC ZONE BOWLING FUNDRAISING EVENT : Sunday 4 Nov 2018, All Ages.  Included : 2 Games, shoes, food (food for kids, and different food for the ‘kids at heart’ … see the attached information flyer!) : Kids $30 each, Adults $50 each.Tickets MUST be pre-purchased at either of the websites listed on the flyer.
  • ADULT SKATE TRAINING !  … At last, Adult skaters are not being ignored !  For your long range skating diary … Adult skaters please note the weekend dates Jan 19-20, 2019.  This is an ADULT only, seriously undertaken, joyously planned, and delightfully presented, ADULT TRAINING CAMP … stay on-site overnight at the LCC Mercure Hotel with like-minded friends from around Australia!; train hard and party hard!!; all levels (copper and above) for learning, for fun and for the satisfaction of improving !!! …  initial details here !  10% Discount if booked before Oct 31, 2018.
  • BALLET STRENGTHENING : Thursday Afternoon/Evening Ballet classes for Ice Skaters have started !   This is about flexibility, strength, precision, balance and grace – useful in all other sports (especially contact sports), for boys and girls.  The Committee is very excited to inform you that the club has decided to offer three ballet class sessions on Thursdays. This was an initiative that came from the successful ‘Sharpen your edge’ program run by Jean McGregor, and which our ballet teacher (and former skater) Lyn Sullivan has been involved with.How does ballet help skating? I’m glad you asked!  ‘Ballet is great for flexibility and for arm and body positions on the ice. Ballet helps figure skaters improve their spiral (arabesque) and increases their back flexibility.’  To find out more about ballet from a skater.   Click here.  While watching the recently touring live stage show, ‘Swan Lake on Ice’, it was clearly obvious that the lead swan had been trained in ballet, and she was exquisite.All you need to know about the Ballet classes:
  • When: Every Thursday starting Thursday 30 August;
  • Class times: The following class times are available to help skaters fit in a class around their schedule.4:1 5 – 5:00 pm, 5:10 – 6:00 pm and 6:10 – 7:00 pm
  • Cost: Use the normal Session Card (which is cheaper) or $7 if paying by cash. If you are attending the first session time, please pay the figure session administrator at the end of the class as they are only available from around 5 pm onwards.   Note : this covers the ballet class cost (subsidised by the club).  If you then wish to also skate in the Figure session, the usual Ice fee (session card or $7 for members or $15 for non-members) is also required.   Thus, doing both is two session card payments.Look forward to your enthusiastic participation and seeing beautiful arms on the ice as a result!
  • LCC’s own AMELIE TABOR has competed in Internationally the Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy, conducted in Thailand over Aug 1-3, 2018.
  • Amelie represented Australia in the Advanced Novice Girls category coming 13th out of 21 competitors.  Congratulations Amelie on such a great effort on behalf of LCCISC, NSWISA and Australia !  The detailed results can be seen here.
  • Czech Camp 2018 - On Ice2
  • Czech Based Figure Skating Camp 2018 : A large contingent of LCCISC Figure Skating club skaters (above) are spending the last 2 weeks of June/early July in the small northern Czech town of Ceska Lipa  taking part in an international figure skating training camp.  Pavel Aubrecht has taken a group to Czech to join this camp every year for the last 5, and typically there will be skaters from Czech and Scandinavia and Germany to mix with.  (Bear in mind that though there are lots of rinks in Europe, many are closed for the summer period, hence skaters join training camps such as this one.)   Camps are also available in other parts of the skating world such as Canada if you want to progress your skate training faster, with most levels catered for somewhere in the world !  ‘Czech’ with your coach !
  • Krystal Rae has successfully competed in the ISA Benchmark event, the Swan Trophy 2018, (conducted by WAFSA over July 23-24), in the Adult Bronze Ladies division.  Krystal achieved a great result coming first with a PB score !  Congratulations Krystal !!
  • Krystal 2018
  • ISA Newsletter #7 – 2 July 2018

  • ISA Newsletter #6 – 12 June 2018

  • Please Note : For those with ‘Working with Children Check Numbers’ Everyone who holds a Check is now legally required to update their contact details, including any name or address changes, within three months – just like your driver licence. And like your licence, penalties will apply for people who don’t update. Updating your details is simple – go to and follow the directions. You can even find your Check number here if you don’t have it to hand.

  • Off-Ice Conditioning class only during school term Wednesdays 4.30-5.30pm, all levels, 7+ age. Conducted by Imogen Casey.

  • ISA Newsletter #52 June 2018
  • Anita Stone, LCCISC Club President has competed in the Adult Bronze Ladies IIA division at the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition in Oberstdorf, Germany in mid-May.  We were all delighted to see Anita come 13th, achieving a PB of 23.48; well deserved after all the work and dedication Anita had applied to building her muscles (the importance of off ice!), as well as the on ice practice to maximise her chances of a good result.  You can’t do better than achieve a Personal Best !  Congratulations Anita !!
  • (Oberstdorf is part of the ISU programme of skating tournaments for Adult skaters who want to challenge themselves, and experience the ‘big stage’ – something to aim for no what level you might be skating … and then afterwards relax and enjoy some Bavarian hospitality with your family and new Australian, and international friends.  Ask Anita about her experiences.)
  • AnitaOberstdorf May2018
  • Active Kids Programme – $100 Voucher – All Year Offer from NSW Government – see details in the ‘Members’ section, under ‘Grants’.
  • Bunnings BBQ Success, Sat 8 April 2018 – raising $1003 clear ! Thanks to Donna Palmer for this report, and to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make the day a huge success ! We were very lucky in that it was the Grand Opening of the Bunnings store that day!  Complete with jumping castles, Nova 96.9 (radio station) and even the Dulux Dog in the flesh!  There was also visiting VIP’s – not that we had any time to get involved – we were pretty flat chat from 11am till 2pm, and steady outside of that. We sold 480 sausage sangers!  A total profit after expenses: $1,003.15′
  • ISA Newsletter #2 – 26 March 2018
  • ISA Newsletter #1 – March 2018
  • Ice Skating Australia has announced important competition changes for Australian skaters, as communications 102 & 103
  • ISA Communications 102 : covers Competition and Test Changes for Basic Novice A, Basic Novice B and Advanced Novice skaters.
  • ISA Communications 103 : covers Test Changes for Preliminary, Elementary and Advanced Novice skaters.
  • ADULT SKATERS ! – if you are interested in competing internationally please read the link supplied on the Events and Results page, which outlines the international requirements to be able to compete (as facilitated by Ice Skating Australia).
  • After making the ISA National Squad for 2018, Melodia was interviewed by local media.  To hear a short interview with Melodia Zimmatore about her skating aspirations, click on the link below Melodia’s photo (below, under the heading ‘2017 Nationals’).
  • Learn to Ice Skate with Friends or Learn to Dance on Ice! – LCC Coach Jean McGregor is offering Friday classes 10-11am.   Cost is only $10pp + Ice entry fee of $12pp.  Click here for details.
  • Monday afternoon session (5:15 – 6:45pm) ‘Theatre on Ice’ group resumed on 5 February.  New participants welcome.



NZ Masters Games 2018 – LCC’s Krystal Rae has just competed in Adult Bronze and placed 1st for Bronze Stroking and 2nd for technical (with a new PB!)  Congratulations Krystal !

KrystalDunedin2018 IMG_2545KrystelDunedin2018 IMG_2544

2017 Nationals

LCCISC has had a wonderful finish to a very successful year!

We were very proud to send the largest team of competitors so far from our club to represent NSW at the Australian Figure Skating Championships. Our National team consisted of:

  • Basic Novice A Ladies – Melodia Zimmatore, Ava Zamprogno, Angela Ong, Sophie Moodie
  • Advanced Novice Ladies – Amelie Tabor
  • Advanced Novice Men – William Palmer
  • Adult Silver Ladies – Alisha Johnson
  • Adult Gold Ladies – Hollie Mottershead, Claire Comarmond

Amelie Tabor was awarded the GOLD Medal in Advanced Novice Ladies.  Amelie completed both her short program and free program in wonderful style with true sportsmanship, clear determination and great skill, showing that hard work and dedication can help achieve outstanding results.  Amelie has been nominated by Ice Skating Australia (ISA), to be part of the Team for a future Youth Winter Olympics!  A wonderful achievement.  Congratulations! We wish Amelie all the best!

Amelie Tabor_Resize  Melodia Zimmatore
            Amelie Tabor                          Melodia Zimmatore

Amelie Tabor and Melodia Zimmatore have both been nominated for the ISA National Squad for 2018!  A tremendous honour that only a few skaters from each division achieve from the whole of Australia.

Congratulations and best wishes Amelie and Melodia.

Click the link to see a short interview with Melodia answering questions about her skating aspirations. (Originally conducted by ‘Good Morning Macarthur’ local media, and presented on Facebook in Feb 2018. Melodia is the last 2min 23 secs of the 18 minute video, so move to the end to hear her words).  Click here to hear Melodia

2017 Annual Presentation Awards

Congratulations to all the recipients of awards that were presented at the 2017 LCCISC Annual Presentation event.

  • Theatre on Ice, Most Improved – Jodie Roberts
  • Theatre on Ice, Leadership Award – Michelle Thai
  • Theatre on Ice, Theatre Award – Phoebe Roberts, Tomi Garard
  • Rookie award – Emily Hanna, Kara-Rose Meznaric, Valentino Sanfilippo
  • High achiever award – Ainsley Dimitrov, Amelie Tabor, Melodia Zimmatore
  • Consistent improvement award – Angela Ong, Kryshtof Pradeaux, Mia Kusilek
  • Encouragement award – Alisha Johnson, Angelina Sanfilippo, Jasmin Schoonenberg
  • President’s award – Reannon Vera
  • Club spirit award – Tomi Garard
  • Leadership award – Michelle Thai

Liverpool Leader

Full article – Liverpool Leader, 22 November 2017, Page 72

Liverpool Leader_20171122

2017 NSWISA State Championships

NSW State Championships were held over the October Long Weekend at Penrith Ice Palace.  LCCISC had the following group of skaters representing the club: Tomi Garard; Mia Kusilek; Laura Fattore; Faith Wu; Kryshtof Pradeaux; Pietro Sanfilippo; Ainsley Dimitrov; Angelina Sanfilippo; Ivy Li; Melodia Zimmatore; Ava Zamprogno; Angela Ong; Sophie Moodie; Kristina Grinko; Sabina Bartram; Amelie Tabor; Reannon Vera; William Palmer; Krystal Rae; Michelle Thai; Alisha Johnson; Loren Stoker; Jade Dobrincic; Hollie Mottershead, Claire Comarmond and Nicole Lewis.  LCCISC skaters achieved the following podium places:

Preliminary Ladies: 1st Place – Tomi Garard

Preliminary Men: 1st Place – Kryshtof Pradeaux;

Preliminary Men: 2nd Place – Pietro Sanfilippo

Elementary Ladies: 1st Place – Ainsley Dimitrov

Elementary Ladies: 3rd Place – Ivy Li

Basic Novice A Ladies: 2nd Place – Melodia Zimmatore

Advanced Novice Ladies: 2nd Place – Amelie Tabor

Advanced Novice Men: 3rd Place – William Palmer

Adult Bronze Ladies: 3rd Place – Krystal Rae

Adult Silver Ladies: 1st Place – Michelle Thai

Adult Silver Ladies: 3rd Place – Alisha Johnson

Adult Gold Ladies: 1st Place – Hollie Mottershead

Adult Gold Ladies: 3rd Place – Claire Comarmond

Adult Master Ladies: 1st Place – Nicole Lewis

Skaters in Basic Novice A; Advanced Novice Ladies and Men; Adult Silver, Gold and Master Ladies are eligible to form part of the NSW State Team that will compete at the Australian Figure Skating Championships 2017, which is being held the first week of December in Brisbane at Boondall Ice Rink.  The first 4 places at States are automatically eligible to go to Nationals with the skaters placed 5th and 6th being nominated as reserves.  So there may be a few more skaters from LCCISC this year to go to Nationals.  We wish all of these skaters the very best.

Tomi Garard_IMG_4915 Ainsley Dimitrov
Tomi Garard                                      Ainsley Dimitrov

Kryshtof Pradeaux  Michelle-Alisha-Hollie
Kryshtof Pradeaux                        Michelle Thai, Alisha Johnson & Hollie Mottershead

Melodia ZImmatore       Krystal Rae    Amelie and William
Melodia Zimmatore     Krystal Rae                      Amelie Tabor & William Palmer

2017 Crystal Challenge

Another successful weekend of skating for our skaters took place at the benchmark event, Crystal Challenge held in Melbourne. Big congratulations to Angelina Sanfilippo for winning the Crystal Award for Outstanding Performance on Friday 11 August, an award which is given by the judges on each competition day. Angelina placed 1st in Artistic Preliminary/Elementary and 2nd in Elementary Ladies. Congratulations to Francesca Zappia 1st in AS Dance 3, Valentino Sanfilippo 1st in AS Freeskate 3, Emily Hanna 1st in Artisitic AS Freeskate 1&2, Megan Beecham 3rd in Artistic AS Freeskate 3&4, Franscesca Zappia & Kai Ma 1st in Artistic Duo, Mia Kusilek 3rd in Artisitic Preliminary/Elementary, Alisha Johnson 1st in Artistic IJS Adult Bronze/Silver and 1st in IJS Adult Silver Ladies group 1, Kryshtof Pradeaux 1st in Preliminary Men, Pietro Sanfilippo 2nd in Preliminary Men, Ainsley Dimitrov 1st in Elementary Ladies, Melodia Zimmatore 2nd in Novice A Ladies and Pacific Stars on Ice 3rd place in Theatre on Ice. Well done to all competed – keep up the hard work!

Angelina Sanfilippo_Crystal challenge
Angelina Sanfilippo – Crystal Award Winner

2017 Hollins High Achievers

The Queen’s birthday long weekend ended on a high note for four LCCISC skaters finishing on the podium in what’s known as one of the toughest and oldest competitions, Hollins Trophy. Congratulations to Amelie Tabor placed 1st in Advanced Novice ladies, Melodia Zimmatore placed 2nd in Basic Novice A ladies, Ainsley Dimitrov placed 1st in Elementary ladies and Tomi Garard placed 1st in Preliminary ladies. Well done to all our representing skaters and keep up the hard work.

Amelie Tabor_resize   Melodia Zimmatore_resize
Amelie Tabor – 1st Advanced Novice    Melodia Zimmatore – 2nd Basic Novice A

Ainsley Dimitrov   Tomi Garard
Ainsley Dimitrov – 1st Elementary        Tomi Garard – 1st Preliminary

2017 Jack Lee Trophy

LCCISC skaters continue to shine in artistic competitions with Angelina Sanfilippo winning the 2017 Jack Lee Artistic Trophy. Congratulations Angelina. This is the third year that an LCCISC skater has taken out the Jack Lee Trophy. Keep up the great skates!

Angelina Sanfilippo_2017 Jack Lee winner
Angelina Sanfilippo – Jack Lee Trophy winner


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