Triple Challenge 2017

2017 Triple Challenge Announcement_V2

Skaters Lists
TC Artistic Skaters List_2017-10-05
TC IJS Technical Skaters List_2017-10-05

Schedule and Draw/Skating Orders
2017 Triple Challenge Schedule Version 2
2017 Stars & Skates Artistic Skating Order FINAL
2017 Southern Classic Skating Order FINAL

2017 Stars & Skates Artistic Results

Official Photographer
Mario Milenkovic
Please contact Mario via email for a free set of thumbnails from Triple Challenge

Official Videographer
Alan Bartram
Mob: 0405 121 498

Videography Service by MomentsVideo:

  1. Pease note :  Competitor events are ONLY undertaken on request of the competitor/parent.  (This is different to the photography of events at the Triple Challenge, whereby all competitors are automatically photographed – with photos made available for purchase later.)
  2. Parents/friends are always required by the club to complete the official video/photography form, and MomentsVideo will also need details of Competitor name/event and parent name/email/phone before the event commences (on the day).
  3. Payment for videos can be done on the day with cash or else via electronic funds transfer later ($35/competitor event video).
  4. Parents/coaches please forward me your MP3 music file for your competitor, and I can overdub the music recoded on the day for a better sound result.  Send the music file as soon as possible – in advance of the event or afterwards.
  5. Please note : for Half Ice events, MomentsVideo cannot confirm that all competitors can be video recorded due to simultaneous events taking place on ice.  Please see Alan first.